Simon PR offers you a strategic-minded and client oriented consultancy that supports your business development at any stage. Based in Lausanne, Switzerland, the agency collaborates with national and international networks of professionals from relevant sectors (graphic design, web development, advertising, HR, etc.) in order to provide the best integrated services for your tailored strategy.

We know that time is valuable. Therefore, we remain your single point of contact, making sure that all providers offer you the best quality services according to your projects. As an orchestra conductor, we guarantee that your values, vision and mission are shared in each implemented action.

Simon PR has proven experience with start-ups, SMEs and multinational corporations active in the B2C and B2B sectors as well as with NGOs and associations.

What we do

Communication is usually the tip of the iceberg, hiding the global strategic work and all necessary prerequisites. We have developed a methodology that helps you preparing to get public and includes audits, counseling management at all levels in the organization and evaluation. We combine strategic thinking with creativity and a passion for developing the potential of our clients.

We support our clients developing, promoting and getting the most out of their brands on a long-term basis. We define and implement:

  • Reputation management plans
  • Launch of new companies, products and services
  • Brand (re)positioning
  • Reputation and e-reputation
  • Content marketing
  • Personal branding
In communications, PR are often perceived as the tip of the iceberg as they are seen through the media. Because they increase the visibility of a brand, they actually should be at the heart of the whole marketing strategy in order to take into account and prepare all aspects before communicating. This is obvious for a launch as for instance, as you have only one chance to impress and make a good impression. We help our clients becoming ready to get public via:

  • Full media relations support
  • Press conferences and events
  • Messaging and storytelling
  • Media and influencers partnerships
  • Writing of press releases, press kit, Op’Eds and bylines
  • Public affairs
  • Crisis communications and risk management
An efficient corporate communications strategy encapsulates the essence of the company in order to foster a positive image in the eyes of its key stakeholders. It should build coherence, credibility and trust as well as reflects its core values via the following channels:

  • External communications
  • Internal communications
  • Corporate Social Responsibility strategies
  • Digital communications and social media
  • Online and offline content (website, collaterals, social media, etc.)
Sometimes companies just need a little something to amp up their ability to handle their business development and marketing communications at the right moment.

  • Media training
  • Personal branding/(e-)reputation
  • How to communicate with the influencers?
  • How to launch a startup/product/service without budget?
  • Communicating in a multicultural environment
  • Developing a business plan
  • Defining a marketing plan and starting to communicate